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Test Pressings.

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Our Arsenal

Will be available at our first show.

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Demo download and Lyrics.

"The Smell of Bridge's Burning"
Shades of red
Another day of fucking dread
Waking up to an empty bed
Thinking of what i could have said.
With a cold, clinched fist.
I cant get a fucking grip.
My beds on fire, and you're to blame.
Im sick of this fucking game.
Ill spread these ashes.
And whisper you're name.

"The Promise Land"
Follow the horde
Eat the feed
Question nothing.
Go to sleep.
Just trek on
To (you're) promise land
Preach to the masses
It's all been said.
Follow the horde
Eat the feed
Question nothing.
Go to sleep.
The cut gets deeper.
The bleeding never stops.
You're so safe
In you're self.
In you're mind.

"The 8 Fathers of Salt Lake"
Beating a dead horse.
With no remorse.
A look at the past
And we'll all just laugh.
Love is blind
But look at the ballot.
A curious vote.
A harmless pen stroke.
Love is blind.
But look at the ballot.
A harmless pen stroke
A shattered life.

"Tired Eyes"
Tired eyes
Cold stare
Faint breath
Simple minds.
Silver tongue
Black breath
Hollow bones
Single breath.

"Pages on Fire"
Blind to the cross.
Blind to the mind.
Cry to the sky.
Never even ask why.
Ill separate you
and cut these fucking ties
Ill free my mind
And set yours on fucking fire
Every unanswered prayer
Is just another lie.
You're not a man
You're just an empty shell.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recording is done, currently being mixed and mastered.
We will have it up in the next coming days.


Saturday, March 27, 2010


We record April 10th.
We will have a demo out shortly after that.
We would also like to be playing shows around that same time.
Contact us for shows.